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by Picasso by Misha Lyuve

Mar 18, 2011

‎Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.   -Pablo Picasso

Interruptions by Misha Lyuve

Mar 14, 2011

“if the world changed, i could not exist, and if i changed, the world could not exist” — Yukio Mishima (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion)  

Just as the world got snug on a sofa watching Charlie Sheen’s eruptions, the mother nature has sent another reminder that it has powers to quickly disrupt our lives and plans. And for those of us who appreciate justice, it is exemplary non-discriminatory:  rich and poor, skinny and fat, successful and losers, right and left wing – in the midst of disasters all turn equal, except probably for the lucky ones. So you think we are holding on to our handbags and opinions tightly enough?    

I haven’t experienced an earthquake or tsunami personally, but with a quantity of information coming, I get some idea of how it might be in the midst of it. And for us who are not right there, these events still cause an interruption; and an interruption creates an opening for questions.    

Like for instance, when Earth decides to move its tectonic plates (that causes earthquakes), it does it to fulfill its own needs (like when my body decides to sneeze) – so does humanity just get caught up in the aftermath (like we all have been sneezed on)?  Or is the nature using disasters to respond to us with a sign of furry or a scream for help?  If all this is a part of a big divine plan that I am incapable of comprehending, what is the value of human life in that plan?   


One thing is clear: whatever the attachment we have to our material possessions, it dissipates fast when one is trying to survive. But I wonder, if I were lucky to have a few minutes to choose one extra thing to take with me on that survival trip, what would it be? What would it be for you?      

(link to the Yoko Furusho's fundraiser for Japan)

Absorbing kiwi beauty by Misha Lyuve

Mar 7, 2011

If one is looking for beauty, nature could be a shortcut. And New Zealand, where I am traveling now, is really one big nature park with few people living there.

Abel Tasman park combines two of my favorite things, mountains and the beaches: as you climb up the hill, there are magnificent views of a bay or two with misty mountains merging with the clouds in the background, and as you go down there are golden sand beaches, sea shells and tidal lakes and rivers.

And there also is sky, very different from my side of the world with big shiny stars and little ones that look like spilled sugar; and then the clouds, and the birds, and the flowers — and I am trying to sink all this beauty in and make an imprint on my consciousness as hard as I can, so that I could hold on to this feeling of beauty and freedom when I am back in New York city, that is still recovering from the winter.

Where to go? by Misha Lyuve

Mar 7, 2011

where to go??

Phenomenon of Lady Gaga – inspiration or substitute? by Misha Lyuve

Mar 2, 2011
“Once you learn how to think about art, you can teach yourself” – lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been called outrageous, shocking and extreme. Catholic League decried her videos, while University of South Carolina recently introduced a course “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame”. Her fans think she is a genius; her critics call her names.

While current pop roll is featuring catchier tunes, better lyrics, more memorable voices and prettier women – none of these things by themselves make Gaga a star, but what does is her immense strive for being self expressed. Isn’t that what roaring crowds are starving for?? They go mad because someone displays what they don’t – self expression. And why don’t they? – they are too lazy, too scared, too busy, don’t know how or just don’t believe they can.

Gaga admits being inspired by many artists and it shows in her work. But one thing is to be inspired by someone, the other is to use others’ expression as a substitute for one’s own need to be expressed.

…And the crowd roared for blood and spectacle!