Masterpieces by Misha Lyuve

Oct 7, 2012

Have you wondered about this?: People who work in the museums – the guards, or maybe to be more precise the “watchers” – they pace from room to room, corner to corner looking from side to side, wall to wall so that naughty visitors don’t get too close to a work of art, touch it with their soiled hands, project invasive flashes of their cameras or trip over it.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Few weeks back when I visited Cleveland Museum of Art, I paid as much attention to its rich eclectic collection as to the guards in the museum rooms. They seemed especially focused on doing their job and at the end I couldn’t help but to chat with one of them. The lady said that some paintings talk to her more than others and once in a while she notices something she hadn’t seen before. She even took art history classes to get a better understanding of art.

Look, she is trying. Can you imagine spending day-in and day-out with masterpieces? How fast would you get bored in their silent company? In spite of all our efforts, human consciousness has a capacity to sink even Picassos and Van Goghs into a grey mass of dullness.

And who really cares about Picassos and Van Goghs? In the galleries of our lives we are “stuck” with priceless collections of different type of work: from our loved ones who we take for granted to places where we live – the beauty of which we often hardly even see. If we don’t notice things, they just pass by.

As for how paintings feel about hanging in the museums, I couldn’t say it better than Regina Spektor in “All the Rowboats.” I wonder whether any of the masterpieces in your life want to row away also.

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  1. Alex

    Simply Brilliant!!! you are a masterpiece yourself! I love you!!!