Ricardo Bofill – a naked dialogue by Katja Vitskaja

Jul 2, 2011
Katja Vitskaja is an art historian that lives in Belarus. She is fond of art, travelling and is currently focused on the impact of music and sounds in creative projects.

“To be an architect means to understand space… and to decipher the spontaneous movements and behavior of people.” -Ricardo Bofill

I went to Barcelona knowing almost nothing about one of the greatest (as I understand it now) architects of the modern era – Ricardo Bofill.

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya perfectly illustrates his words: the space around the building and the building itself anticipate and respond to visitors’ feelings. I was really impressed by the clarity of the structure; it creates an impression that it doesn’t have anything to hide, like an actor that bears his soul in front of the audience.

Racardo Bofill, Teatre Nactional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Espana

Racardo Bofill, Teatre Nactional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Espana

What amazed me the most is that the Theatre grounds themselves create a complete work of art. I saw it divided into 3 parts as a play. The first one is a mysterious olive tree garden, like a prologue, that helps visitors to get into the mood (as spectators spend time in the garden before the play). The building itself is the second part where the action takes place, like the play itself.

And the third part, the space between the garden and the theater, is like an epilogue, reminding that feeling of exhaustion after a deep emotional experience that spectators usually have after a performance.

Racardo Bofill, Teatre Nactional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Espana

I personally had a feeling that ghosts of Ancient Greeks were walking through the Theatre and sitting in the shadows of olive trees with me. I am not so sure whether ghosts exist, but I have no doubt that Bofill’s creation brings out a recognizable atmosphere of peace, where different cultures and epochs are united in one space.

Maybe this building impressed me the most, because it felt like I had a dialogue with it, like love at first sight. Have you had a conversation with a building?

Ricardo Bofill, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

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