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Why Your Dream Matters by Misha Lyuve

Jan 17, 2012

Do you have a dream?

We’ve got used to someone else taking care of our stuff. We hope that our doctors will heal our sicknesses, our government will make our society work, our families will support our choices and our teachers will educate our children. And we might be just lucky enough for this all to happen…

But who do you expect to follow your dreams?

I’ve always wondered about my “selfish” dreams – the things that I want to have, accomplishments that I strive to make happen, joys of life that I am eager to receive – do they count? But now I am clear, if you lack enthusiasm or courage, time or money, friends or skills to follow your “selfish” dream – is there even a chance for bigger ones?

Following a dream awakens our spirit, sparkles us with exhilaration of being alive like nothing else, has us be unreasonable and gives a meaning to our actions (even if temporary)… And if you care for education of your children – the best lesson is parents following their dreams.

The party you support might lose next elections and then will win them back, doctors might change their mind about what’s good for you, your kids will get their A’s and C’s, some new members of your family will arrive and others will go – and within this wild dance of life, there are YOU and YOUR dream.

Follow it.

Can you imagine how alive and bubbly our planet would be if people just minded their own dreams? – That’s my dream. And what is yours?

The dream by Marc Chagal, 1939

A wise view on “waiting” by Misha Lyuve

Jan 12, 2012

Waiting is not mere empty hoping. It has the inner certainty of reaching the goal. Such certainty alone gives that light which leads to success.
- Book of Changes (i-ching)

2011 on One’s Toes & Bestest of the Year by Misha Lyuve

Dec 24, 2011

What kept you on your toes this year? What kicked your behind to have you be open to life, notice its intricacies and just go for it?

One of my butt kickers will be celebrating its first birthday in a week. Oh ART BEAUTY LIFE blog, you impregnated me with ideas and schemes; you took hours from my sleep and wrinkeled my forehead while I was finding words to express you; you threw me off my soft pillows and had me push myself to open my senses till I saw anew. Thank you!

If you don’t have a butt kicker in your life – you just gotta find it! In fact, though now it’s a great time to reflect on 2011, there is still a whole week left in this year to plant seeds to grow in 2012.

And now 2011 bestest of ART BEAUTY LIFE blog.

Bury me on Facebook: Includes important modern-day tips on self-sorry – not to miss!

Nakedness: Lucian Freud at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: You have till the end of the year to indulge yourself. Warning: some would argue that it is not “indulge” but “repulse” – go and see for yourself.

What I Have Learned from Peahens: Also find out about the true nature of peacocks; you will be shocked.

Living Your Life As a Work of Art: Let’s put your life in a frame, under the glass and let critics in.  Just kiddin’.

Unthinkable – Rethinkable: Contemplations on massive changes of mind over time.

Symbiosis for Survival: When art is elevating our consciousness and actually makes a point.

Remember? For New Yorkers.

If I missed your favorite, please add them in the comments! Thank you for being on the journey.

Plans by Misha Lyuve

Dec 20, 2011

To rule the state, have a known plan

To win a battle, have an unknown plan

To gain the universe, have no plan at all

from Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” Verse 57

Why we don’t get tired of sunsets by Misha Lyuve

Jun 20, 2011


The shades of pink and orange, purple and blue, white and yellow – with patterns of torn clouds or some sky imperfections – over the surface of water, or above the mountains, or in between skyscrapers of a city: sunsets are like an infinite number of tunes created by a finite number of notes.

And with the music of sunsets come thoughts about miracle of nature and creation, questions of mortality and time, and sentimental feelings about unsaid or incomplete business… And as the sun is disappearing behind big objects or underneath the mythical line of horizon, there is a sparkle of hope, because tomorrow the sun will come up again giving us another chance, and there is a subtle sense that maybe something got clearer about these thoughts, questions and feelings or even that they will get resolved one day.

But in reality, the sun has hardly moved: it was the Earth moving (they should’ve called those Earth-turns really). And in reality, nothing changed inside us or, at most, we were left with another small insight.

Nevertheless, let us always be grateful for all reprieves from mundane, opportunities for retrospection and gifts of beauty.

Impatience and being undeserving by Misha Lyuve

Jan 24, 2011

I’ve been wondering whether impatience is my inborn trait or I acquired it through the years of living in big cities. In either case, there was no better place to explore my impatience than while traveling through colorful destinations of Dominican Republic, the island where time and its inhabitants’ relationship to it takes on different qualities than what I’m used to.

As a Dominican friend explained, once she moved back after living in New York city for several years, it took her a while to get used to, for example, that a cashier in a bank could have you wait for ten minutes while she is finishing up a conversation with her mother-in-law. You got the picture.

Waves at a surfing beach at Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Luckily, traveling through the island I had many opportunities to watch my impatience rise from my stomach, mixed with the sense of entitlement, flavored with disappointment and frustration and garnished with self-righteousness, getting crushed against the shores of my consciousness as foamy and mighty waves of famous surfing beaches in Cabarete.

Recently someone told me about being undeserving, a way of being where no-one owes me anything; like the world is not there to serve my needs and please me, but when it does, to accept it as a grace and a gift. Imagine that!