Brithday rants by Misha Lyuve

Feb 18, 2012

The pitfall of a birthday: counting grey hairs, reflecting on how quickly time flies and comparing your accomplishments to what you think they should’ve been. Grrr… Let’s not do that ever again. At least not on your birthday.

I also used to think that with years I was becoming a better person. Bullshit. The measure of my “goodness” hasn’t changed since my birth. Do you know those moments from the past that still make you cringe because of what you did or said? — My intentions then were as good as they are now; but I became somewhat more aware of my words and actions. And that hasn’t completely eliminated these moments of awkwardness and regret.

As for regrets, I do my best not to foster them. In fact, I profusely get it in my bones how all good, bad and ugly is weaved into the fabric of my life preparing me for what’s next. — But, please, can this all happen faster? — I can’t get over that I spent most of my life in a delusional dream where I was a clueless eager moron with good intentions. Maybe I have gotten a little better now that I am showing vague signs of awakening. Though in a decade from now, I might think that I was just flattering myself.

‘Nough of rants, in reality… Time isn’t flying nowhere and life is pretty astounding. This week I had my first rehearsal for my first album “Songs of Love and Transformation” – it was unbelievable and moving to tears and lots of work ahead – and you bet, I am singing my heart out. And one of my songs goes like this:

I’m a lover

I’m a poet

I’m an artist

And my tireless passion like water carves rocks into castles

Take it or leave it

Grow it or kill it

Drink it or spill it

But you better believe it

I’ll find a pathway to my masterpieces

Happy birthday me!

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  1. Margarita

    This is the best line ever!!!:))) Love it! “I can’t get over that I spent most of my life in a delusional dream where I was a clueless eager moron with good intentions.”

  2. Bobby Sira

    Happy Birthday You!
    You are your own Masterpiece. And you bring lovely words to illuminate the colors of my own masterpiece. Thank you and happy days always! X

  3. Rita

    I loved it Mishka…and I love you!