A lesson from the Diva by Misha Lyuve

Apr 28, 2012

Mona was a diva. She carried her white drizzled with black spots furs with significance. She moved with slow grace and even the way she jumped on the wooden table where her food was had a whim of royalty.

I met Mona in the house we rented for the weekend in upstate New York where she was a cat.

Mona didn’t require attention all the time, but when she did – she requested it, or I could say demanded it.  She started by walking towards me meowing.  Then she rubbed against my leg and jumped on the sofa. She wiggled her sides against my shoulder and pushed her head against my hand. The next thing I knew, she was sitting on my lap and my hand was going back and forth through her fur. Mona was purring.  That continued for some time. Then Mona jumped off my lap and, as if nothing had happened, slowly went minding her own business. I admit, for a moment I felt used.

My meeting with Mona occurred the day after I lead my first session on the topic How to live a work-of-art life while working in my company, a large consulting firm.  It is great to talk about dreams, creative projects and discuss what brings passion to one’s life.  But it takes more than words to organize your life so that it has qualities of a work of art - like being willing to ask for what you need. That was one of the concerns that came up during the session.

Your work-of-art life will depend on your requests and negotiations with your bosses and coworkers, friends and family. You should consider taking lessons from Mona. She gets what she needs.

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  1. ana luisa

    Some big shot Belgian (they are always very polite and proper you know) consulting guy told me many many years ago, while we were all having a proper consulting-retreat dinner at some fabulous ski station in the Swiss Alps “Il faut crier pour avoir les chose” or something along those lines. My French at the time was Niveau 0, and I thought, what? He’s saying I must yell, scream, to get that waiters attention and get a bottle of water? Over and Over again, that comes to my mind, and I’m sure and certain, he said “crier” (to yell, scream) and so we must, I want, or perhaps more, I am.
    No concessions.

  2. Alex

    I love Mona and I want to be just like her!!! LOL excellent!!!