Life P****** by Misha Lyuve

Dec 19, 2011

Do you know what’s your life purpose? This question used to make me uncomfortable. Everyone seems to be eagerly preoccupied looking for life purpose, a blurred concept which instigates a persistent search that supposedly distinguishes humans from other species. But it does not seem to be easily tracked down either in smart books or far-away journeys or deep prayers. Others say that the life purpose is there to be “created” – but it is missed in school syllabuses and it doesn’t seem to be easily glued together from pieces of positive thinking, good ideas and inspiring words.

One thing that used to be clear to me: those who found it, like artists, innovators and mothers theresa-s, are out there, and they are busy creating art masterpieces, inventing new technologies and saving the world , while I am aimlessly roaming around my purposeless life.

And it also seemed that once I finally have the life purpose, my choices would become straight forward, my confusions would clear and in selfless sacrifice to humanity I would live in peace with myself.

… And recently the moment has arrived: a phrase got formed from what it seemed like million pieces of me and felt like the key had finally matched the stubborn lock I had been trying to open for years.

My purpose is to live a work-of-art life and through personal example inspire others to live meaningful fulfilling lives.

And after experiencing a brief moment of joy similar to finding something long lost in one’s bag, I realized that I created a bigger problem: now that I am in touch with my life purpose I can clearly see the parts of my life and moments in my day that are not lived consistently with it.

And then I was also flooded with questions to which I didn’t have answers: “what does it even mean to live a work-of-art life?”, “now you are a judge of what’s meaningful?” and “what do you know anyway?”

I will ponder on those and you will be the first ones to know when I have answers.

And in the mean time for fellow seekers – please keep looking. The good news is your life purpose is already guiding you even if you don’t know what it is.

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  1. Dave

    I too struggle with this question and an inspired by those who seem to hve found their purpose. I think one of the potential problems I have sorting this question out is that I invalidate so many potential “purposes” to life. For example, It seems hard for me to imagine a person saying their life purpose is to trade stocks to maximize the wealth of their clients or to sell cars. But why not really? I wonder if purpose is less about what you’re doing and more about how inspiring your story is about what you’re doing?

    • Misha Lyuve, mastering creative ideas

      Dave, it’s probably more about the context – and then you can decide whether what’s you doing fits it.

  2. Rita

    Loved it… I feel the same and every moment is precious and count.
    Happy Holliday’s.

  3. masha

    “My purpose is to live a work-of-art life and through personal example inspire others to live meaningful fulfilling lives.”

    Misha, it is so true. You inspire me every day by who you are. I love having this you in my life!

  4. Heulwen Renshaw

    I still stand by these comments made on Dec. 21 2011, nothing has changed, not one bit.