To Life without … by Misha Lyuve

May 28, 2012

My never ending to-do list

My never-ending todo list…

□     donate the clothes I don’t wear

Its numerous items crawl into my head as I go to sleep and greet me first thing when I wake up.

□     clean the “junk” closet

There is an illusion, if only I can get the next big thing done, I will feel less restless.

□     finish the unfinished song

That there will be relief.

□     get together with a friend to talk about what’s going on because I know I can make a difference

That I will be able to focus on something more important.

□     figure out how I will contribute to saving the world

There will be a sense of completion or even maybe even accomplishment.

□     pay bills that fell through the cracks

That life will be lighter.

□    organize receipts

But it doesn’t work like that.

□    respond to long overdue emails

Today I am taking a day off. I won’t attempt to check-off any of these. Cheers to life without a todo list.

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  1. Vlada Briks

    Misha, I love this! Every line echoed and resonated with me. Or, those receipts and the overdue emails and an illusion that the to do list has the end. I love the poetry in it too.