Absorbing kiwi beauty by Misha Lyuve

Mar 7, 2011

If one is looking for beauty, nature could be a shortcut. And New Zealand, where I am traveling now, is really one big nature park with few people living there.

Abel Tasman park combines two of my favorite things, mountains and the beaches: as you climb up the hill, there are magnificent views of a bay or two with misty mountains merging with the clouds in the background, and as you go down there are golden sand beaches, sea shells and tidal lakes and rivers.

And there also is sky, very different from my side of the world with big shiny stars and little ones that look like spilled sugar; and then the clouds, and the birds, and the flowers — and I am trying to sink all this beauty in and make an imprint on my consciousness as hard as I can, so that I could hold on to this feeling of beauty and freedom when I am back in New York city, that is still recovering from the winter.

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  1. natalia kaylin

    Dear Misha,

    It is so good to hear from you and from New Zeland! I love reading your blog very much. It brings joy and inspiration and feeling that I love you so much! You express yourself beautifully, so much heart! I feel that reading your blog makes me really know you. Hope to see you sometimes not in a very distance future. Happy travels! Much love, Natalia

  2. Robert Volinsky

    It sounds simply beautiful and so opening and nurturing.