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2011 on One’s Toes & Bestest of the Year by Misha Lyuve

Dec 24, 2011

What kept you on your toes this year? What kicked your behind to have you be open to life, notice its intricacies and just go for it?

One of my butt kickers will be celebrating its first birthday in a week. Oh ART BEAUTY LIFE blog, you impregnated me with ideas and schemes; you took hours from my sleep and wrinkeled my forehead while I was finding words to express you; you threw me off my soft pillows and had me push myself to open my senses till I saw anew. Thank you!

If you don’t have a butt kicker in your life – you just gotta find it! In fact, though now it’s a great time to reflect on 2011, there is still a whole week left in this year to plant seeds to grow in 2012.

And now 2011 bestest of ART BEAUTY LIFE blog.

Bury me on Facebook: Includes important modern-day tips on self-sorry – not to miss!

Nakedness: Lucian Freud at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: You have till the end of the year to indulge yourself. Warning: some would argue that it is not “indulge” but “repulse” – go and see for yourself.

What I Have Learned from Peahens: Also find out about the true nature of peacocks; you will be shocked.

Living Your Life As a Work of Art: Let’s put your life in a frame, under the glass and let critics in.  Just kiddin’.

Unthinkable – Rethinkable: Contemplations on massive changes of mind over time.

Symbiosis for Survival: When art is elevating our consciousness and actually makes a point.

Remember? For New Yorkers.

If I missed your favorite, please add them in the comments! Thank you for being on the journey.