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Please don’t miss Pina by Misha Lyuve

Apr 17, 2012

There are many languages of expression. For example watch this.

Pina”, a visually stunning and thought provoking documentary by Win Wenders, shows the medium of dance as language. Not just in a perfection of movements, coordination and balance – but the language that comes out of the deep humanness, alive as a conversation. It will evoke in you many feelings: from loneliness to longing, disgust to aliveness, humor to fear. This all might inspire or disturb you, bother or move you – but it won’t leave you indifferent. This documentary will keep you on the edge of your seat as a thriller, touch you as a love story and spin you as a drama.

Some say that this move is about Pina, a legendary German choreographer. Not really. It’s dedicated to her. Pina passed away just as this movie started being made by her friend director Win Wenders. The unexpected de-tour the film had to take in its own journey made it into more than just a movie “about” somebody or something. It is a celebration of the form of expression.

This celebration is woven of love, gratitude and accomplishments of Pina’s students. They came from all over the world and cover all age groups – and they all speak about Pina allowed them to open up their unique essence, feeling and talent. “Pina gave me language.” Pina taught them to dance with their eyes closed. You will be blown away by what a teacher can give.

This film had me wonder: what else is hidden inside of my gift box? What else is hidden inside of yours?