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Continuing the inquiry into compassion by Misha Lyuve

Jan 15, 2011

And if we take all of it: our immediate circle of people including annoying neighbors and mean bosses, strangers we bump into on the trains or a grocery store or a highway or a homeless person on the street (might we worth a separate blog entry) and then the rest of the world full of starving orphans, abused women, people with debilitating illnesses, victims of natural disasters (oh how quickly the world forgot about Haiti) – where to get a heart capable of compassion for all of it and strong enough not to get crushed by heaviness, sorrow and helplessness?

And here we are sliding though our lives sipping on a latte, pissed off that the train hasn’t arrived on time and that this year’s raise didn’t meet our expectations and  that the fish was overcooked and and and

So how do we balance this walk on the thin rope of enjoying great lives we’ve got (even on a bad day), keeping an open heart full of compassion and not losing our sanity?

Oh not again, more questions than answers