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Re-connection: from Fiordland back to art by Dr. Mikhail Tis

Mar 26, 2011
This posting is written by Dr. Mikhail Tis, College of American Pathologists excellence in education award winner 2010.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” -Edgar Degas          

What’s obvious is that nature inspires art.  But recently traveling through rich landscapes of Fiordland National Park (New Zealand), it is the art that impacted my experience of nature.    

When I visited Chasm, one of the Fiordland’s many waterfalls, I managed to see the outlines of Salvador Dali’s painting “Sleep“.  A sleeping head with crutches even resonated with the calmness of rock formations in the midst of crashing water.       


When I was taking a hike off Milford Sound, my attention was drawn to this very perky plant and its leaves reminded me of architectural style of Chicago Marina City buildings designed by Bertrand Goldberg           


All of a sudden the experience of exploring art and looking at nature’s creations have intertwined.