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Celebrating Unions that Are Greater than the Sum of Their Parts by Misha Lyuve

Dec 30, 2011

To make a long story short: 4 years ago on this day out of unreasonableness of my intentions, auspicious alignment of stars or some other unknown to me reasons, I met my other half. There is evidence: Love from the first sight exists. We got married in 2010.  

As one of the marriage side effects, I had to commit myself to a piece of jewelry. And I wanted it to carry a message: as a part of this union each of us lives a life of an expanded potential. And if I ever to forget that, I wanted my ring to scream at me with a reminder. My inspiration led me to this:  

Lyuve, Infinity Ring

And as I continued my inquiry into a universal archetype of a union I discovered a new language – of shapes, patterns and metals. Through the combination of white and yellow gold I have expressed the duality of being an «individual» unit and a «couple» unit at the same time. And what comes with it for us and any other couple is an unpaved path ahead with many wild cards and unexpected turns, joys and disappointments, passions and boredoms. As well as patience, forgiveness, harmony and love required to keep the union together.  

And today it is officially coming to life -  

« celebrating unions that are greater than the sum of their parts »  

a jewelry line with a capacity to represent and remind of our values, intentions and promises.  

This is a soft launch – the official website will be ready in April, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share.  
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