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And the boundaries were blurry… by Misha Lyuve

Dec 30, 2010

 So I was taking a walk (more of an obstacle course) in Central Park right after the big snowstorms a few days ago. Even with all the layers, gloves, a hat and a scarf it was still kinda chilly. And as I was climbing though snow mounts, I realized that in a year I completely forgot what winter’s like and that my toes get cold and that snow easily gets into boots and that gloves get wet……and here she was – a bride in a photo shoot; a real bride, in white, with bare shoulders, bride hair – the full bride shabadang (and even a groom hiding under a pink umbrella).

And suddenly I saw it right in front me – Life. All of it. Ridiculous.  Beautiful. Tragic. Funny. Unstoppable.

And it was up to me whether I wanted to judge, to laugh or to cry; whether I wanted to be a witness or a participant or both.

And the boundaries were blurry.