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I owe you an explanation by Misha Lyuve

Mar 31, 2011

“a life unexamined is not worth living” — Socrates

I like when things move fast. So when on December 29th I was walking through Central Park and had an idea to start ART BEAUTY LIFE blog, next day I published my first posting. I took 200 emails of my friends and acquaintances and made them my audience. And now, three months into writing the blog, I can finally explain what is behind it and extend you an invitation on a journey.

Let’s start with three thoughts:

My life is great, with a harmonious marriage and a loving family, a successful career in one of ”best to work for” companies and excitement of living in New York city, travels, hobbies…  

It doesn’t matter what a brilliant gift I’m given – in time I will turn it into something mundane, unexciting and unattractive. (By the way, are you any different?)

A small consistent effort on my part to be present in my daily activities goes long way in keeping depth, freshness and excitement of my experience.

Listen, I’m no expert in anything and there are plenty experts out there already. ART BEAUTY LIFE blog is a means to stay conscious about life and its surroundings, make art more accessible and relevant to life, and allow art and beauty into every moment. 

And this is the journey that I’m on.

And I am inviting you to join me.

Art beauty life blog

from Henry Miller’s “Tripic of Cancer” by Misha Lyuve

Mar 30, 2011

“I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.” Henry Miller Tripic of Cancer

Re-connection: from Fiordland back to art by Dr. Mikhail Tis

Mar 26, 2011
This posting is written by Dr. Mikhail Tis, College of American Pathologists excellence in education award winner 2010.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” -Edgar Degas          

What’s obvious is that nature inspires art.  But recently traveling through rich landscapes of Fiordland National Park (New Zealand), it is the art that impacted my experience of nature.    

When I visited Chasm, one of the Fiordland’s many waterfalls, I managed to see the outlines of Salvador Dali’s painting “Sleep“.  A sleeping head with crutches even resonated with the calmness of rock formations in the midst of crashing water.       


When I was taking a hike off Milford Sound, my attention was drawn to this very perky plant and its leaves reminded me of architectural style of Chicago Marina City buildings designed by Bertrand Goldberg           


All of a sudden the experience of exploring art and looking at nature’s creations have intertwined.                  

Kaddafi: Dictator in style by Misha Lyuve

Mar 24, 2011

Kaddafi: Dictator in style

 Check out the Vanity Fair article 

Japan – from art to life – precision and intentionality by Misha Lyuve

Mar 20, 2011
I strongly feel that one of the ways of holding Japan’s spirit in these tough days is to continue exploring its culture.

The Japanese Art Dealers Association exhibition, small and intimate, allowed me to emmerse into the spirit and culture of Japan. Especially I got fascinated by the two works of Katsushika Hokusai, an 18-19 century painter who was one of the first to become famous and influential in the West. 

Hokusai was completely obsessed with the mount Fuji and created a well-known cycle of thirty-six views of it.  He also  changed his name 30 times during his life: the transformation of style and production of his work was very much tied to transformation of his persona and a name change. 

Fuji in clear weather

Sekiya village by the Sumida River

As I was absorbing his work and other art pieces, I couldn’t help but notice the precision and intentionality that were expressed in the details of clouds, trees, patterns of people’s clothes, grass and texture. Isn’t that what Japanese are known for in the modern life? — electronics, robotics, car-making, medical devices – all require a mastery of intentionality and precision. In fact, experts agree that not many places in the world would take magnitude 9.0 earthquake with as much grace as Japan (read about Japan’s  building code and see the video below), even given many thing that went unexpected.  


One thing that I am confident about is that the Japanese will restore their country. But for now, if you would like to double your donations, here are some easy ways to do it.

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