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To Life without … by Misha Lyuve

May 28, 2012

My never ending to-do list

My never-ending todo list…

□     donate the clothes I don’t wear

Its numerous items crawl into my head as I go to sleep and greet me first thing when I wake up.

□     clean the “junk” closet

There is an illusion, if only I can get the next big thing done, I will feel less restless.

□     finish the unfinished song

That there will be relief.

□     get together with a friend to talk about what’s going on because I know I can make a difference

That I will be able to focus on something more important.

□     figure out how I will contribute to saving the world

There will be a sense of completion or even maybe even accomplishment.

□     pay bills that fell through the cracks

That life will be lighter.

□    organize receipts

But it doesn’t work like that.

□    respond to long overdue emails

Today I am taking a day off. I won’t attempt to check-off any of these. Cheers to life without a todo list.

Saving butterflies by Misha Lyuve

May 7, 2012

Last weekend I spent at the beach befriending butterflies.

Butterflies are like celebrities – they are known to be bright and perfect, freely roaming in beautiful places. But that day on the beach I saw many helpless miserable creatures stuck in the sand with their wings wet, shaggy and losing their colors; in other words, completely not living up to their reputation. They probably got unexpectedly caught in the rain and ocean winds. I don’t know the latest butterfly trends that well – they might’ve come here with a romantic idea of spending their last moments of life with the view of the ocean.


I picked up a few from wet sand that still showed signs of life and carried them on my palm. It turned out, butterflies had personalities. Some of them were very tranquil, some restless and even naughty. They explored my palm, and most adventurous ones even my jacket. Some looked like they were taking a nap; others attempted to dust sand off their faces or turn around to dry their wings from different sides.

One butterfly, after getting her rest and obtaining new strength, suddenly opened her wings up and flew away. She made a few rounds in the air first turning into a black dot and then disappearing. The rest of the creatures didn’t follow that example. I ended up dropping them on a local flower bush. I’m not sure of their destiny, though I still think of them.

Was I a savior? Playing a butterfly god? Or a sentimental fool interfering with the nature and natural course of their lives? An ignorant loser that spoiled their last wish?

I am likely not to find the answers, but through this experience I got reminded yet again how everything is connected and endlessly repeated. Thank you butterflies!