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A soundbite from my upcoming album by Misha Lyuve

Oct 21, 2012

I would like to share with you about the album of my songs that is coming out in January 2013. One of the things that I learned in the process is that in life there are dreams beyond dreams. Yet again I am allowed to see how something that hadn’t been even a thought a year ago, first turned into a seed of a possibility and now is slowly but surely becoming reality.

The album is called ARE WE READY. There are 11 songs. I wrote them. I wonder whether a more precise way of saying it is I wrote them down. When I listen to some of them, I often wonder – did I really write that?? I believe that my most important role in the process of song writing is being a scribe for whomever is actually doing the work. Thank you, Whomever, for choosing me as your scribe; I hope I am not screwing it up.

Some of the songs will make you laugh; others you will find intense; a few you might not understand – no worries, some of them remain a mystery to me too. And even though my songs might sound personal, when they come out of me, I feel that they talk for many many people, and maybe even you.

There is much more to be said about the process of the actual recording, all the people that have been participating in making this happen and, of course, the video of the song “Happiness” that is planned to be filmed next weekend in Montreal (there will be live updates on twitter) – this all will come. But for now, here is a soundbite from ARE WE READY:

“I am” by misha lyuve


A visitor by Misha Lyuve

Oct 10, 2012

bumble bee

Masterpieces by Misha Lyuve

Oct 7, 2012

Have you wondered about this?: People who work in the museums – the guards, or maybe to be more precise the “watchers” – they pace from room to room, corner to corner looking from side to side, wall to wall so that naughty visitors don’t get too close to a work of art, touch it with their soiled hands, project invasive flashes of their cameras or trip over it.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Few weeks back when I visited Cleveland Museum of Art, I paid as much attention to its rich eclectic collection as to the guards in the museum rooms. They seemed especially focused on doing their job and at the end I couldn’t help but to chat with one of them. The lady said that some paintings talk to her more than others and once in a while she notices something she hadn’t seen before. She even took art history classes to get a better understanding of art.

Look, she is trying. Can you imagine spending day-in and day-out with masterpieces? How fast would you get bored in their silent company? In spite of all our efforts, human consciousness has a capacity to sink even Picassos and Van Goghs into a grey mass of dullness.

And who really cares about Picassos and Van Goghs? In the galleries of our lives we are “stuck” with priceless collections of different type of work: from our loved ones who we take for granted to places where we live – the beauty of which we often hardly even see. If we don’t notice things, they just pass by.

As for how paintings feel about hanging in the museums, I couldn’t say it better than Regina Spektor in “All the Rowboats.” I wonder whether any of the masterpieces in your life want to row away also.

Fall by Misha Lyuve

Oct 6, 2012