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Fatherhood and more by Misha Lyuve

Jan 4, 2014

Pardon my silence. There is a lot happened since my last post.

We became fathers. It happened unexpectedly in Morocco. Our adoption journey took many twists and turns, and landed us twin girls in Florida. We found out about their birth while exploring ancient medina of Fez, next day after we landed in Morocco on our vacation. As we heard the news, we were much overwhelmed. An ordinary Moroccan donkey was passing by right at that moment; he stared straight into our eyes and told us, “it’s all going to be ok.” It took us 4 flights and 30 hours to get to Florida, where the girls were born, from Fez. We loved the girls even before we put our eyes on them and, since we did, parenting has been fascinating and profoundly enriching. So when the dust settles a bit, I will be sharing. A lot.


In a way, 2013 made full circle. A year ago on this day I released my album ARE WE READY and kicked off the $1,000,000 project for Worldwide Orphans (WWO). 2013 was filled with performances, life-changing trip to Haiti with WWO and the adoption process, though rocky and heart-wrenching in the beginning, full of gifts at the end. With your help and generosity, over $33,000 was raised for WWO – it is still a long way from a million, but we are just warming up here. Let us not forget that only a fraction of orphans gets adopted; the rest can only make it if their communities take care of them. WWO empowers and educates those communities and gives kids a chance in the world.

14 years ago on this day my mom passed. It warms my heart that there was music born on this day a year ago and that now there are two girls with their names combined carry hers.

Till soon.