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When not humble by Misha Lyuve

Aug 31, 2015

This happened before. I grow to be good at something and then I become confident; then a little too confident; then a little arrogant. The next thing I know, life sweeps me right off my feet and I find myself on the ground with my face in the mud. Oh it hurts so much; but I guess I needed yet another lesson in being humble. Thank you.

Difficult problems by Misha Lyuve

Aug 26, 2015

Note to self: difficult problems seem as such only till you encounter something of next level of difficulty. Then you look back and think – well, that wasn’t such a big deal and why did I have to stress out so much?

Now that I am taking on a new challenge that seems immense, I can’t wait for my future self to look back and say that it was easy.

A mysterious view and a mysterious observer – guess where by Misha Lyuve

Aug 23, 2015

The view

The observer

In Central Park, NYC

A goat in the sky by Misha Lyuve

Aug 23, 2015

I met a goat in the sky
Don’t ask me how, when or why
It served as a reminder of this:
Life’s full of unexpected turns

Don’t outsource by Misha Lyuve

Aug 16, 2015

Conveniences of modern life allow us to outsource many daily routines. For instance, when I give my shirts to my local dry cleaning business, I don’t go into the details of what process they exactly follow and by whom it is performed – I just care that my shirts are clean, ironed and on time. Two things one should NOT outsource is health and children.

Tomato heaven by Misha Lyuve

Aug 15, 2015

Sense of bliss by Misha Lyuve

Aug 10, 2015

One of my most favorites times of the day is when I put kids to bed. The girls crawl all over me before they quiet down and fall asleep. I put time on pause. I try really hard to remember this moment, hopefully forever. And every time these fragments of perfection just quietly slip into the abyss of memory. What remains is the sense of bliss.

Children art effortlessly by Misha Lyuve

Aug 1, 2015

A “chill” out trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a hot August day