When art gets personal by Misha Lyuve

May 19, 2011

There is nothing as effective in taking a career of an already successful artist to the next level as a sudden death or a suicide. One’s label can get selected for design of a royal wedding dress or get an exhibition in Metropolitan Museum of Art or even draw enough attention of a fool like me to buy their suit.

Yes, I own an Alexander McQueen’s suit.

We know art as something behind protective screens, shielded from daylight and flashlights of cameras or thoroughly wrapped from the touch of dirty fingers of movers.

But just because something can be worn every day, has to be adjusted to fit my size, and carries stains of my morning coffee, does it have to lose qualification of art? In fact, one thing is to have an experience in a museum or even see a painting hanging on the wall at home, but another to put an object on, having it envelope your body and touch your skin.

Is it the reason that I inadvertently avoid wearing my very artfully crafted suit, so that I don’t feel the weight of the dead body over my shoulders?

Has art got that personal with you?

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  1. Heulwen R

    I do feel this too, although I’ve not been that near to investing. What I have been concerned with and is near to my heart – is sincere sympathy for artists who have lived in poverty for years trying to make a living from their artwork, in fact they even went without food for days -people like Vincent Van Goch. Yet when these people die – their work fetch thousands of dollars/pounds. It is so unfair. I could cry!

  2. D

    so are you now on display at the Met in that A. McQueen gown ?