ARE WE READY – introduction by Misha Lyuve

Dec 29, 2012

it is a question and not a question.
And as a question
it needs an answer or no answer.
And as an answer
it can be both, yes and no -
For how could you be ready for
what you don’t know?
And how could you not be ready
when future’s coming now and steady?

it is a calling, a calling forward.
Of wind that haven’t touched your face,
of mount tops you haven’t concurred,
of truth that haven’t yet been spoken.

the future’s calling: come and get me!
And in response, the heart is roaring.
The heart is roaring like million waterfalls
that are storming through your mighty veins.

You might be soaked in fear.
Your hands might feel numb.
Your mouth might not find words.

But at the point
when the future
and the heart
come together
in a motion, an embrace resembling,
the universe will tremble
in ecstasy of the divine conception
and share gifts with you
otherwise unattainable.

And this is how it works.

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