Symbiosis for survival by Misha Lyuve

Jan 27, 2011
Raquel Paiewonsky is a contemporary artist that currently resides in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her work has traveled across the globe. It expolores human body, urban life, social constructs and social issues. The photographs featured in this article are from the project Simbiosis para salvarnos (Symbiosis for survival) that has been shown in Santo Domingo, Miami, Lima, Buenos Aires, and is heading to Mexico soon.

There is a type of artwork that when you see it for the first time, it makes such an impression on you that you need to pause – that was my experience of Symbiosis para survir, the project that came out of the Raquel’s concern for the environment and tells a story of integration with nature as a strategy for growth and expansion of our lives and our planet. Children with their heads under the roots of the plants are the seeds needed to fulfill the mission to heal the Earth.

Raquel and I met last week in Santo Domingo to talk about her art.  Raquel said that the photographs, unfortunately, don’t fully show all the work that was done to realize this project: the conversations she had with the kids to explain the project and why she is doing it, their curiosity and enthusiasm, and two days of work and play on the beach.

“With visual works, what people see is the bit leftover at the end, after you’ve finished working. The work is like the sediment at the bottom of the glass, not like drinking the wine. Whereas when you are listening to a piece of music, you are listening to it being made.”  Martin Creed

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  1. Liza Logounova

    Misha, I am so touched by Raquel’s work. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    Although she mentions that this work doesn’t show all the work behind it – I definitely see what was involved – in the kids eyes you can see deep feeling and understanding – and this is pure beauty!

    With love, Liza

  2. Alexander Lembert

    Misha! so glad you met Raquel! I love her work!! I have seen her exhibits in Madrid and Paris, not to mention all the local ones for the last 2 decades…very interesting!! I simply love these pictures!!! love the expression on their faces, amazing children!! very powerful material! congratulations Raquel!