Being alive as a privilege by Misha Lyuve

Jan 27, 2013

Over the years I’ve learned there are ways how to profoundly experience being alive: by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, by letting yourself to be moved by what life has to offer whether it is big or small and noticing  the interactions and relationships between life participants.

Last Sunday it was one of those winter days that felt more like fall or a beginning of spring; the sun and people were out and I was strolling around the Washington Square park. Washington Square probably has seen it all and I’ve seen quite a bit there – but this makes me pause. There is a real grand piano and virtuoso guy playing Chopin expressively right in the middle of the square. While my hands are in gloves and in the pockets of my coat, this man is taming piano keys with his bare fingers and giving us a gift of music. And this all is happening right in front of the Washington Square Arch where Fifth avenue starts and you can see it disappearing far far out. And I just got so moved…

And then I turn around and a see a bunch of kids – different ages, colorful jackets – running around in the square. And there was so much joy in their movements and sounds, that I just couldn’t help but pay attention to them. There are so fun to watch as they disperse and then reunite, running after each other, participating in a game that only they can understand – the natural state of kids, the play.

And then there is the Love Space. Someone actually drew it. I am not likely to find out who that person is but I am now connected with him or her (by the way, if you are that person, please give me a shout!) And a happy couple that is passing by tells me “We want to get inside, we want to get inside!” And I take their picture inside the love space and we joke about it and laugh like kids. And now we are also connected.

These simple moments, if noticed and appreciated, add up into a significant thing – being alive is a privilege.

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    Yes it’s true, being alive is a privilege. So, live your life to the fullest and enjoy what life’s brings us.