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How we shot “Happiness” by Misha Lyuve

Nov 23, 2012

By the mid of the first day of the video shoot everyone was humming the tune.

I was looking for happiness with persistent aggressiveness

I was trying to find it in outrageous experiences

I was chasing it closely like a madman who fights his insanity

But instead I could feel only tired and cynical

Even the angry dude who yelled “go do your fag thing someplace else” and threatened to call police, had a role in the production. He deserves credit. He became a point of reference that allowed us appreciate how smoothly the whole shot went considering how much could’ve gone wrong.

My happiness waited inside of me quietly

It whispered “look in yourself to find me”

But I made so much mess around me

That I couldn’t see things clear and obvious

There was a phenomenal team of directors (Damian and Patrick), experts in light and camera (Simon and Thierre), movers and shakers (Melissa and Lilliana), and many others (Tammy-Lou, Cédric, Marija, Marina, Étienne, Vincent, Christophe and many more) – about 30 people had a role to play. And of course there was tango – spicy, elegant, life-giving (brilliant Bobby and Roxanne). I worked and managed many teams in my professional career, but I’ve never seen such a smooth team of strangers show up out of nowhere.

I was looking for love with tremendous committed intensity

I explored people’s faces on trains not to miss my love anywhere

I moved countries to find it, traveled exotic vicinities

But my heart only shrunk from sadness and loneliness

It took two full days of hard work to shoot footage for a low budget production of a 4 minute song. I had no idea about what it takes to make a video. This project was a mere coincidence that was glued together by luck and trust

So many times love looked at me kindly

With its warm eyes it shared its beautiful tenderness

So fast I ran I couldn’t even notice it

And if I did I thought better love is in some other place

With that nothing could have been easier: because for every idea and every step that was required for the project to move forward, one person made an introduction to the next one, each problem found its solution, each circumstance supported its successor.

I was looking for purpose of living in books philosophical

I was trying to find an answer to whether life’s meaningless

I was losing myself in purposeless blames and arguments

But today I can say who I am, in words simple and genuine

I am a man who’s in love with life ardently

I want to be honest, loving and generous

And follow dreams bright like stars and sometimes unreachable

And to have you my friends, my loved ones around me

So at the end, there is just being grateful for all that happened and for all new possibilities this experience has opened up for me.

And the song is about you.

Pictures #1, 2, 4, 5 by Luzaby Mars Photography