The year of dancing monks by Misha Lyuve

Jan 2, 2011

I know how to start a new year setting up goals and building out plans; and those quickly lead to a busy life with lots to do and likely many accomplishments.

A few months back traveling in Bhutan, I got to witness and even a little taste of a different kind of life. Bhutan is considered one of the least developed countries in the world, but don’t be fooled: those people are incredible advanced. You can see it in how they design their homes and villages; and a very low crime rate; and no beggars (mind it is just an hour flight from Delhi); but there are hospitals and schools in every urban center we passed (I even got a treatment for my back and at no charge).

And there are endless mountain peaks, and a very windy road (for the most part one-lane, but with very very gracious drivers), and little children running around till late (with no concern for safety), and our guide’s passion for his country and orchids, and very old and very new buddhist monasteries sometimes off the beaten track. And there are dancing monks…

And there was a moment during the trip when I knew harmony in a new way. Harmony as a value of life; a value that precedes goals, plans and accomplishments.

Hello 2011: the year of dancing monks.

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  1. khashap drukpa

    all the monk dance are not like normal lay man dance
    monk dance to preform in from of deities so during main festival they ware old silk dress and wrathful looking mask made from wood and clay very old and had dance for hour with tune of music. monk had to be dancer as we consider them as pure being at mind body and action.
    khashap guide to writer

  2. khashap drukpa

    the ultimate truth reveals ultimate wisdom which let to ultimate perfection in word action and morals of life.