2013 Manifesto by Misha Lyuve

Jan 1, 2013

Let us not measure success of 2013 by lists of our accomplishments and failures, money we make or lose, promotions and hard work – don’t worry, those aren’t going anywhere.

This time around I suggest to look into the quality of our intentions and the source of our drive. The real measure of greatness of our lives is the time we spend “in the light” – when we move ahead from what is possible or a higher purpose, when the motive of our actions and words is kindness and generosity, when the self is expressed truly and fully.

It ain’t easy to stay “in the light” when we rush through our wordly responsibilities, manage daily chores, disagree with someone, upset, scared or lost. And then there are these corners of our souls and parts of our life that haven’t seen much of day light, period.

I say that contemplating on this “light” in the very first days of the new year takes priority over usual goal setting and resolutions. And if you are willing to face what it would take to stay “in the light” for this year, please declare with me:

Let this be a year of light.

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  1. Ana Pérez-Bachelier

    Yes! A year of light and revolution!