What if you are really against gay marriage? by Misha Lyuve

Mar 26, 2013

What if you really against gay marriage? – Could it be because of your religious views – after all, the Bible says what it says. Or you might have some other socio-economico-political reasoning of why gay marriage is not a right thing for the society.

I don’t have any intentions to change your mind.

All the arguments have already been made and I don’t think anyone can change one’s mind here. What most people are missing is that gay marriage is really not a mind’s matter at all – that’s why arguments don’t work. It is the matter of the heart, and your heart is either in it or not. And if it is not – you better don’t go against it or you will have heartache. By the way, all these politicians that are coming out in the support of gay marriage, really had a change of heart first, and then they found logical arguments for the public explanations. Otherwise they would look silly, and politicians don’t like that.

Next I would like to discuss freedom. You see, freedom can be tricky. If you were a non-smoker earlier in the days, your freedom to be in a smoke-free environment didn’t even exist as a concept. But once non-smoking laws in public spaces took effect, smokers experienced their freedoms taken away. Literally, one day they could smoke in a place and next day it was illegal. In the matters of freedom, often laws and social policy are like a dial that takes away freedom from one group and gives it to the other. Hopefully for the better of the society. Or at least of a majority.

Issues like gay marriage are fundamentally different because, by their nature, they don’t take away anyone’s rights. In spite of all the drama, next morning after the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, you might wake up cranky, but your life will be very much the same as it was a day before – you can ask gay marriage opponents in Ohio and Massachusetts. You will go about your business not supporting gay marriage as before, with the same right to be vocal about it, not entering into a gay marriage yourself and teaching your kids not to.

Now, it does suck to lose. But once the dust settles and you lick your wounds, you will see that you are fine. And then consider this – the energy of your activism, your ideas and your financial resources are very much needed to address many local and global issues. Like for instance there are 132 million orphans in the world (per UNICEF). And then maybe we can combine our forces and do some great things together. www.AREWEREADY.org

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