Chatter Clutter: an Invitation to an Experiment by Misha Lyuve

Nov 18, 2011

Silence by Yolanda Naranjo

We are over-worded and under-communicated species.

How much of what we say in a day is not needed to be said and not adding value to anything or anyone? The stream of unconscious blurbs is spurting out of our mouths – no wonder we are so tired at the end of the day.

Everybody has opinions and can’t wait to share them. But even those opinions that make you feel very passionate rarely matter. Same goes for sarcastic remarks, judgments, gossip and mere observations – most of them are just words with little meaning, no intention and lack of purpose.

These words are clutter to our ears, minds and lives. They create walls behind which we can’t see, hear or feel; we turn blind, deaf and numb even in our relationship with ourselves.

I am inviting you to join a simple one-week experiment: Talk less. Or be silent.

Pause before talking and ask yourself whether what’s on your mind in fact has to be said (any of it? a portion of it?)

Don’t hesitate to cut yourself in the middle of a sentence and shut up.

Don’t be afraid to take yourself out of a meaningless conversation (there are many ways to do it gracefully).

Don’t rush to fill pauses in conversations. Even if they seem “uncomfortable”, just let them be: stuffing them with words doesn’t resolve anything.

Being in silence is ok and could even be profound. (Watch out for checking out.)

Listen. Instead of planning what to say next, while the other speaks, listen. By the way, they are starved to be listened to; it could be one of the biggest gifts you can give.

See what emerges. Share what happens.

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  1. peggy

    Thanks for you thoughts. I agree and the reminder is always useful. I enjoy your blog, thanks for being here. Namaste, Peg