Continuing the inquiry into compassion by Misha Lyuve

Jan 15, 2011

And if we take all of it: our immediate circle of people including annoying neighbors and mean bosses, strangers we bump into on the trains or a grocery store or a highway or a homeless person on the street (might we worth a separate blog entry) and then the rest of the world full of starving orphans, abused women, people with debilitating illnesses, victims of natural disasters (oh how quickly the world forgot about Haiti) – where to get a heart capable of compassion for all of it and strong enough not to get crushed by heaviness, sorrow and helplessness?

And here we are sliding though our lives sipping on a latte, pissed off that the train hasn’t arrived on time and that this year’s raise didn’t meet our expectations and  that the fish was overcooked and and and

So how do we balance this walk on the thin rope of enjoying great lives we’ve got (even on a bad day), keeping an open heart full of compassion and not losing our sanity?

Oh not again, more questions than answers

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  1. Rev. Catherine T. Parker

    We handle it by realizing that we are blessed to wake up every day and have the opportunity to start over again trying to allow ourselves to become more compassionate, more loving, more in tune with the hardship of others around us. We make for ourselves good lives but never forgetting that some are hungry, homeless, imprisoned, burdened down and we may be able to assist in some small way. We evaluate our lives to see if we can do without some of what we have so that others can be aided. We open our lives to others and we get over ourselves so that we can walk in TRUE LOVE. We recognize that any day any situation may enter our lives and cause us to be in a state we never thought we would be. Sometimes life seems unfair for so many but the part that bothers me a bit are the unconcerned and those who seem so “cold” toward others, never extending a hand or a kind word. The way I handle life is to ask God to show me those in need and give me a way to help supply that need. I ask Him to use me in the building up of someone else and even if I don’t have a dime, I have some time and some encouraging words. Sometimes all people need is a bit of attention, some Love. We get caught up all too often in pleasing ourselves and those in our circle. We need to think about how it would feel if one day we woke up and the circle was no longer our circle but due to losing a job or some other drastic measure we find ourselves homeless, shut out of society … questions are good Misha … thanks!

  2. dimi

    The answer lies inside. My humble two cents…

    And on Bill Zeller — thank you for posting, allowing me to learn about this. I read a couple of articles about him. What’s truly sad about this is that that fact that, while many people clearly loved him and valued his friendship and presence, he could just never internalize it. Most of us suffer from this condition, but he had it to such an agonizing extreme.

    • Misha Lyuve Ru

      I just read in “The Diamond Cutter” : Can we be like the lotues? Can we swallow the pain and confusion of life, and thrive on it, and use it to become one of those rare jewels of the world – a truly compassionate person? :-)

  3. Heulwen Renshaw

    Catherine: You say that The part that bothers you are the unconcerned & cold towards others etc; These, we come in contact with almost daily. Catherine, we’re asking God to help people in need…These people too are in need, the need to feel compassion, & love,and all that is good. We must understand that they haven’t a clue where or when to be thankful. These are the ones we must also pray for..make friends with, despite the odds. It does actually work. You mustn’t let them make you feel sad anymore. Miracles happen, but first we have to believe it ourselves.
    Best wishes = Heulwen