Confessions of an asshole by Misha Lyuve

May 8, 2011

I wish I would always be balanced, kind and compassionate. But in reality, sometimes I can be an asshole. I offend people. I can be selfish, inconsiderate and ungrateful. Big news? – nah.

And of course I get to chastise myself for everything I’m not and everything I should be.  And as I leave little room for my own humanity, I do little for others’. Just upset me, say something to me I don’t like or do something I consider wrong – I will quickly get righteous, judgmental and unforgiving – yup, more of an asshole. Sounds familiar? – dah.

Just for illustration purposes: here is an asshole-ness – un-forgiveness vicious cycle.

Vicious cycle

This vicious cycle causes and perpetuates wars between friends and countries, it can divide a family and a nation, it leaves scars of arguments and wars for a lifetime.

So let me tell you, as an asshole to an asshole: let’s FORGIVE! We can start today forgiving one person; and maybe this person is you yourself.

tranformation cycle

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  1. Rev. Catherine T. Parker

    Misha, you are something else! Now that you’ve confessed it, work on it! … work on it! … work on it! Keeping a watchful eye on you. A little voice whispers … son, work on it! I heard it, did you?

  2. Simon R

    Mish, thanks for being the nicest ass i know

  3. Heulwen R

    I’ve been there..done it…without even knowing I was doing it! I thought I was helping others..when I was only seeing things through these eyes of mine. Seeing ‘Confessions’ as blasphemous – unable to ‘see’ the true message behind it – aimed at …’me!’
    Thanks Misha,
    sending you ‘Love’ from one ‘bud’ to a ‘flower’ xx