Why you are NOT in love with your job
- Part 2
by Misha Lyuve

Apr 21, 2013

This is a continuation of my previous post Why you are NOT in love with your job – start there.

4. You don’t care. You treat people as temporary supporting characters in a movie where you are a protagonist.  You are not interested in them as fellow humans. What really makes their heart beat? Or ache? You ask “how are you”, but it is not your intention to know how they are. It is this surface of politeness that makes your experience at work lack humanity. And how can one be in love with that?

5. You think your job owes you something.  It should pay you more, give you satisfaction and provide you with work-life balance. You really think that it owes you that. You even have a list and you are waiting. Some of you might’ve not even bothered to ask for what you want. Or you asked, and now pissed that it’s not there. You cannot be entitled and resentful, and be in love with your job at the same time.

6. You are ok with mediocrity. You made compromises; each of them at the moment could seem convenient or necessary, but together they don’t leave you much breathing room. You indefinitely put off the dreams you had. You give a few bucks for a disaster relief, but for the most part the world’s problems are not your problems; they are too big and too removed. Thus you don’t see your job, your skills and your network as an opportunity to do something big, outrageous and difference making. You cannot be in love with your job if it is just means to an end.

7. You gave up. You gave up on the idea that you can be in love with your job. You tried changing companies, and maybe not once. You might’ve even tried changing your career all together. But you are in the same place. You have a good explanation of carefully choreographed reasons that make it logical and convincing. Is it the children? The mortgage? If only you knew that one thing you are destined to do. Or had more money. Or if only you were a genius like that writer, composer or businessperson. It is impossible to be in love with something you have given up on.

This is a place to start an inquiry. The journey begins with saying the truth.

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