The Job offer you’ve been waiting for by Misha Lyuve

Feb 22, 2013
And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.

-Khalil Gibran “The Prophet”

Recently I made a recommendation to read Erich Fromm’s “The Art of Loving” daily out loud to yourself or your love interest. Fromm talks about misconceptions of love in the modern culture: love is perceived as an irrational phenomenon that one “falls into” once the “right” object is found – versus a human capacity that can be developed and brought into an art form.

That made me think about jobs and careers. By virtue of my work, volunteer activities and social endeavors, I am connected to thousands of people. I hear a lot “I am not in the right job”, “my career is not meaningful”, “this is not it, but I don’t know what I should be doing.” I’ve heard this from a wide crowd of very capable and many successful people. All these statements usually carry a taste of resignation – it sounds like this issue has been lingering with them for a while with no resolution.

Underneath that resignation there is a belief that some place there should be this perfect job for them to “fall into” that will keep them satisfied forever. This belief is much similar to our misconceptions of romantic love described by Fromm.


Now here is the good news. I think I discovered this meaningful satisfying job you’ve been searching for ages. They are accepting applications as we speak. Here is a description of The Job’s main responsibilities:

1. be great at all times
2. be responsible for people around you living great lives
3. leave the world today better than it was yesterday

You can do The Job at all times anywhere, whether you sit in a cubicle or a corner office, work for a corporation or self, standing in line in Starbucks or putting your kids to bed, taking out the garbage or having a drink at a party.

Congratulations! Your application has been accepted; you are a perfect candidate for The Job. You could start immediately; however, before you make a commitment to it, I suggest a one-day trial. Here are the rules:

- Don’t change a single thing in you routine
- Do The Job
- Report results to me

Are you in?

If you find The Job rewarding, please share what happened – don’t forget that this is a part of The Job. If you think that you are failing or need support in your new Job – talk to me, so I can do my Job.

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