A man is about to rape a woman by Misha Lyuve

Mar 2, 2014
Putin-UkrainePhoto credit: iStockphoto 

A man is about to rape a woman. It is a daylight. In fact, it’s midday; the weather is really nice and a lot of people are out. It is a busy street.

When the man pulled the woman towards the wall and held her hands from the back, the people went by wondering – “what’s going on here?“, “he can’t just rape a woman in a daylight in the middle of the street.”

By the time the man started pulling the woman’s skirt up from behind and ripping her stolkings, a small crowd started gathering around them. People spoke among each other: “what does he think he is doing?“, “doesn’t he see that we can see him?“, “doesn’t he understand that there will be consequences?

By the time the man was unbuttoning his fly and pulling his thing out, the crowd got bigger. The folks were outraged: “how dare you?“, “if you do this, we will make your life hell“, “no one will come to your party this weekend.”

And Putin was smiling.

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