Top things to consider before the end of the world (#2) by Misha Lyuve

Jun 8, 2011
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#2 Go get it.

My fragile humanity with glimpses of hope

Pleases its bosses and is doing its job.

It also keeps a stack of dreams for a thrill

Full of noble intentions as well as good will.

And next to the dreams there is bigger collection

Of reasons, excuses and justifications.

– from “Rid me of fear and give me vision


I don’t ever stop feeling like a kid in a candy store — do you? — there are so many goodies to want  in our never-ending world of desires.   

wanting more

Wanting more by William Kurtz

And by now I figured that life is not about getting what we want. And even more so: it is not about not getting what we want.   

I am finding that one of the ways not to be as possessed by the world of wantings is to actually go and get it — and when I say “what you want”, I don’t mean an ice-cream or a hand-bag. I mean

that impossible dream that you stopped admitting you have

that path you’re not following because it seems too hard or for whatever other reason that justifies not taking it

that something  that will make you wake up in the mornings thrilled that you’re alive

that what might even create most inspiring stories for your grandchildren.

And I bet you know exactly what I am talking about. 

They say that on their deathbed people for the most part regret things that they haven’t done.

What are you waiting for?

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