What I Want for my Birthday by Misha Lyuve

Feb 15, 2013

My  birthday is coming up. Some of you might be wondering what I want for my birthday. A good friend that I am, I will make it easy for you and tell you exactly what it is:

to raise $1,000,000 for Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO)

through the sales of my album ARE WE READY and donations.

I feel your kindness every moment: with your sweet words about my music, videos and blog posts, your generous comments, likes and reposts on facebook, retweets, every dollar you gave for the cause – all this is the best fuel for my inspiration and when I am inspired anything is possible.

If you ever decide to give a dollar to charity, consider this: There is no more vulnerable and uncared for population in the world than orphans. Being one is like living in a natural disaster on a daily basis without knowing it. Orphans require nurturing and a community to become empowered members of their society. This is what WWO does – masterfully, courageously and committedly.

As my birthday gift I am asking for your partnership in raising $1,000,000. Here are some ideas:

Be outrageous: Buy a dozen of my albums. Give them away to your friends. Tell them about ARE WE READY and the $1,000,000 game. Have them do same.

If you are a business owner or work in an office – buy thirty of my CDs. I will give you an awesome flyer and WWO brochures. Your customers are bored when you talk about your business and the weather. They will be thrilled to hear from you about music and orphans, and will gladly support us. Trust me.

Be Fundraising Hero. Take on raising $500, $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 – did you see the latest rewards on Razoo? Call people you know. Especially the ones for whom $1,000,000 is not a big deal. If it’s your or your child’s birthday, take donations as gifts. Or organize an event – I will sing there; if you don’t like my singing (I won’t hold this against you), let’s have someone else sing.

Connect me. With bloggers, journalists, TV and radio hosts, DJ’s and people of influence. And if you are the one with an audience that extends beyond your cat – interview me, write about the $1,000,000 game, invite me to your show. In other words, make Oprah jealous.

If you are a YES to one or more of these propositions, their variations or you have your own, TALK TO ME.

If you think that all this is a good idea, but too much trouble – I am making two promises. First: I will train you to talk about my music, Worldwide Orphans Foundation and the $1,000,000 game as effortlessly as you complain about the weather – but with much more impact. Second: Your life will be enriched. It will blossom. You will be blown away by human generosity. You will have profound unimaginable conversations. People will surprise you. Your life will not be the same. I promise. TALK TO ME.

If all of the above options fail, it’s easy: I love chocolate, the darker the better. Happy upcoming birthday to me!


Misha Lyuve: Are We Ready

Are We Ready - Misha Lyuve

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