Your New President by Misha Lyuve

Nov 6, 2012

To those involved in the US elections

Let me suggest unspeakable.

Tonight we will know the results. Let’s take the rest of the week to unwind, lick the wounds, celebrate victories.

And then…. how about this:

Let us EMBRACE whoever is the next president regardless of your views. GIVE your new president a chance even if he is from the opposite party. STOP the negative conversation. Instead TELL your senators and congressmen to WORK WITH your president to find compromises that are workable for the country and move it forward.

We STAND UNITED during hurricanes and terrorists attacks. But do we need to wait for disasters to experience unity?

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  1. Heulwen Renshaw

    Everyone uses ‘words’, as empty or sincere they might be. But on here we cannot afford to provoke with pursed lips telling it as it really is!….or can we?