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Of Grave Dangers of Inspiration by Misha Lyuve

Feb 5, 2012

In this short essay I would like to warn you of dangers of Inspiration.

After suffering for over a week without Inspiration over writing my next blog posting, I decided to go cold turkey and pursue my writing without it. I apologize that this might sound more as a warning on a medicine bottle than romantic writing you might’ve expected.

I will start with a confession: the past year I rode the journey of writing ART BEAUTY LIFE blog on ups and downs of Inspiration. If you experienced Inspiration before, you are likely to be familiar with its short term effects that result in mood enhancement, increased productivity and feeling as if you have “wings”.

The typical trouble situation comes when Inspiration doesn’t arrive or, even worse, leaves you hanging in the middle of the process. It’s like getting dumped dry and naked on a highway. It is very common in this situation to experience withdrawal symptoms similar to the ones described by individuals addicted to certain external substances.

Intense withdrawal reaction from Inspiration can push reasonable and sane people to take some questionable steps. If they don’t find Inspiration in decent socially accepted places, like museums, symphony halls, sunsets and mountain views, in despair they can turn their search to mundane aspects of daily life, for instance examining patterns on sewer lids (see Where is your Picasso??) or of cigarette butts in ashtrays.

I am sure it is apparent now how the co-dependency on Inspiration can take Inspirationoholics into the downfall spiral of self-distruction and disapointments.

Below are three tested tips that will help deal with Inspiration

– If you feel the very first symptoms of Inspiration, engage your will power to distract yourself and stay away from any productive activities till Inspiration passes

– If Inspiration has effected an area of your life, do your best to contain it by not spreading it to others

– If Inspiration took over your life, please stay away from people, especially the ones you like – it might be contagious

Celebrating Unions that Are Greater than the Sum of Their Parts by Misha Lyuve

Dec 30, 2011

To make a long story short: 4 years ago on this day out of unreasonableness of my intentions, auspicious alignment of stars or some other unknown to me reasons, I met my other half. There is evidence: Love from the first sight exists. We got married in 2010.  

As one of the marriage side effects, I had to commit myself to a piece of jewelry. And I wanted it to carry a message: as a part of this union each of us lives a life of an expanded potential. And if I ever to forget that, I wanted my ring to scream at me with a reminder. My inspiration led me to this:  

Lyuve, Infinity Ring

And as I continued my inquiry into a universal archetype of a union I discovered a new language – of shapes, patterns and metals. Through the combination of white and yellow gold I have expressed the duality of being an «individual» unit and a «couple» unit at the same time. And what comes with it for us and any other couple is an unpaved path ahead with many wild cards and unexpected turns, joys and disappointments, passions and boredoms. As well as patience, forgiveness, harmony and love required to keep the union together.  

And today it is officially coming to life -  

« celebrating unions that are greater than the sum of their parts »  

a jewelry line with a capacity to represent and remind of our values, intentions and promises.  

This is a soft launch – the official website will be ready in April, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share.  
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Of art, beauty and life by Misha Lyuve

Feb 6, 2011

On Friday January 12, 2007 between 7:51 and 8:34 AM,

at the Washington DC’s The L’Enfant Plaza station

a violinist played 6 classical pieces.

As 1,097 people passed by him during the rush hour,

several stopped by to listen and at the end he grossed $32.17 in his hat.

But this wasn’t a struggling musician,

but a world renowned violinist playing

on a $3.5M Antonio Stradivari instrument,

Joshua Bell, who 3 days before had sold out Boston Symphony Hall.

(To read the full Pulitzer winning Washington Post article click here.)


Oh yes, we know how to enjoy art when we are visiting a museum or going to a concert. We also occasionally experience beauty when for a second we halt the tempo of our daily routine catching a glimpse of a pretty cloud or shades of a sunset. So for the most part within our life our experience of art & beauty is comprised of precisely allocated time slots and rare random and very brief moments of awakening – which would add up (making broad generalizations) to an average of at most 1 hour a week and about 0.6% of our life.

Is this all?? And obviously not because of lack of beauty in the world or opportunities in life to see art and be artistic in self-expression. It is a function of our vision. So let me just rub my eyes; art & beauty are not that far away, but right here. To see it will just take being present – keeping my eyes and ears open and slowing down that ever-lasting  voice in my head.  

photo courtesy of Vika B Studio