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Remember? by Misha Lyuve

Sep 7, 2011
in memory of Neil Shastri

Remember New York after 9/11?

when you could find compassion in the eyes of a stranger

when there was togetherness in grieving for people we didn’t even know

when a regular person had an opportunity to become a hero

when it was normal for a business to care more about their employees and customers than their profits

when we were waking up to preciousness and fragility of our lives

when we rushed to say I love you to people that mattered to us

when we gave up excuses to do things that we had wanted to do.

Let’s not forget that bigger enemies than terrorism are sleepiness of our souls and resignation in our hearts, separateness of neighbors and fears that stop us.

And in the wake of the anniversary, why don’t you and I

give up a grudge against someone in our life

tell at least one person that we love him/her

do one things that we’re afraid of.

After all, there is no better way to honor the dead than by living. Are you up for it?

Continuing the inquiry into compassion by Misha Lyuve

Jan 15, 2011

And if we take all of it: our immediate circle of people including annoying neighbors and mean bosses, strangers we bump into on the trains or a grocery store or a highway or a homeless person on the street (might we worth a separate blog entry) and then the rest of the world full of starving orphans, abused women, people with debilitating illnesses, victims of natural disasters (oh how quickly the world forgot about Haiti) – where to get a heart capable of compassion for all of it and strong enough not to get crushed by heaviness, sorrow and helplessness?

And here we are sliding though our lives sipping on a latte, pissed off that the train hasn’t arrived on time and that this year’s raise didn’t meet our expectations and  that the fish was overcooked and and and

So how do we balance this walk on the thin rope of enjoying great lives we’ve got (even on a bad day), keeping an open heart full of compassion and not losing our sanity?

Oh not again, more questions than answers

A noteworthy suicide note and an inquiry into compassion by Misha Lyuve

Jan 11, 2011

Bill Zeller, a 27-year old Princeton PhD candidate and renowned internet programmer, committed a suicide and left a note that I find is worth a read (to read full letter click here)

The raw insights of his inner world and, ultimately, the act of suicide itself display a kaleidoscope of complex and contradictory intricacies of living. And I am sure if you read this letter you will end up with a wide range of opinions and emotions except for, probably, staying indifferent.

My question is about how the inner world is being expressed in the outer, for the most part in relationship with other humans.  Do we really have an idea of what the other, even someone close to us, is experiencing? After all, we’ve been conditioned to smile, exude success and thoughtlessly respond “great”s to “how are you?”s. And if we don’t feel it, we adjust. (Or else…?)

And for myself, I noticed that I became much harsher. In my life the intention to achieve desired destinations has become more important than attention, compassion or a random act of kindness.

Hmmm… definitely something to think about.

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