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What if there were no spring? by Misha Lyuve

Apr 24, 2011

Tilips, spring

What if there were no spring? If the earth forgot to awaken this year? If trees decided not to bloom? If flowers didn’t feel like opening up? If birds changed their mind about chirping?

If humans weren’t overwhelmed with exhilaration, excitement and anxiety for the newness of life? For its change? For falling in love or falling out of it? For being inwardly ripe with inspiration and pregnant with ideas that are just impossible to hold inside? 

Strolling though Central Park and its Conservatory Garden, I was simply blown away by the abundance, variety and ease with which nature produces its creations. And I am thinking why wouldn’t we all ride on the waves of this magnificent creativity? Why would not we take advantage of this influx of life by taking out our dry paints or opening unfinished notebooks or brushing dust off abandoned musical instruments or just starting some crazy new project that will entice our existence and those around us with art, beauty and life?

 And by the way, this is a call into action!

Blooming Magnolia in Central Park

The world is full of color, music and rhyme
And not to feel them, I say, is a crime
And if you’re tired or bored or can’t see
Just talk to me, just talk to me, just talk to me!

Phenomenon of Lady Gaga – inspiration or substitute? by Misha Lyuve

Mar 2, 2011
“Once you learn how to think about art, you can teach yourself” – lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been called outrageous, shocking and extreme. Catholic League decried her videos, while University of South Carolina recently introduced a course “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame”. Her fans think she is a genius; her critics call her names.

While current pop roll is featuring catchier tunes, better lyrics, more memorable voices and prettier women – none of these things by themselves make Gaga a star, but what does is her immense strive for being self expressed. Isn’t that what roaring crowds are starving for?? They go mad because someone displays what they don’t – self expression. And why don’t they? – they are too lazy, too scared, too busy, don’t know how or just don’t believe they can.

Gaga admits being inspired by many artists and it shows in her work. But one thing is to be inspired by someone, the other is to use others’ expression as a substitute for one’s own need to be expressed.

…And the crowd roared for blood and spectacle! 

Where is your Picasso?? by Misha Lyuve

Feb 24, 2011

Writing about Picasso’s guitars in the last posting had me question what it would be like to walk around life having Picasso’s vision. His art is an expression of the vision, but the vision itself — is it accessible to us, mortals?? Can we learn it? study it? develop it over time? What would it take to uncover a not-readily seen beauty in a bottle of water or a plastic spoon full of my breakfast oatmeal? I was up for an experiment.

An opening came from nothing less glamorous as a lid of NYC sewer.  It was a very ordinary sewer lid, round, with sticky mud around the edges in a broken filthy sidewalk and a sign “NYC SEWER”, just in case one would get it confused with a passage into Alice’s wonderland. 

But as I sharpened my vision and zoomed in on the object, leaving behind what I knew it to be and what was underneath it, I could suddenly see a pattern and texture that in my eyes had a value of beauty. 

The rest was easy. Suddenly, most ordinary buildings, fences, stairs and floors were rushing to me to share their secrets.

Of art, beauty and life by Misha Lyuve

Feb 6, 2011

On Friday January 12, 2007 between 7:51 and 8:34 AM,

at the Washington DC’s The L’Enfant Plaza station

a violinist played 6 classical pieces.

As 1,097 people passed by him during the rush hour,

several stopped by to listen and at the end he grossed $32.17 in his hat.

But this wasn’t a struggling musician,

but a world renowned violinist playing

on a $3.5M Antonio Stradivari instrument,

Joshua Bell, who 3 days before had sold out Boston Symphony Hall.

(To read the full Pulitzer winning Washington Post article click here.)


Oh yes, we know how to enjoy art when we are visiting a museum or going to a concert. We also occasionally experience beauty when for a second we halt the tempo of our daily routine catching a glimpse of a pretty cloud or shades of a sunset. So for the most part within our life our experience of art & beauty is comprised of precisely allocated time slots and rare random and very brief moments of awakening – which would add up (making broad generalizations) to an average of at most 1 hour a week and about 0.6% of our life.

Is this all?? And obviously not because of lack of beauty in the world or opportunities in life to see art and be artistic in self-expression. It is a function of our vision. So let me just rub my eyes; art & beauty are not that far away, but right here. To see it will just take being present – keeping my eyes and ears open and slowing down that ever-lasting  voice in my head.  

photo courtesy of Vika B Studio

“Howl”: a lesson in unrestrained creativity and freedom of speech by Misha Lyuve

Jan 17, 2011

I planned to finally see “Social Network” at Crosby hotel’s Sunday movie night, but all of a sudden they changed it to “HOWL”, a movie about Allen Ginsberg, an esoteric American poet that I knew little about. From one extreme to another, I thought, and went along. I couldn’t even expect what a treat I was offered.

I discovered passionate verses of Ginsberg that rhythmically flow like a song, their expressiveness sounds like a dance, and their aliveness refreshes you as a mountain waterfall. I was given a lesson in losing boundaries in self-expression, extracting inspiration from everything and staying true to oneself.

The movie itself is word-to-word based on Ginsberg’s interviews, his poetry and transcripts from the legal proceedings against the publisher of “HOWL” (after publishing “HOWL” Lawrence Ferlinghetti  was arrested and charged with publication of obscenity in 1957 in San Francisco) – every word is history. The combination of the original footage, black-and-white shots as well as animation to take us in the depths of Ginsburg’s vision created an excellent medium to present “Howl” and its story.

I was blown away, inspired and grateful that I got to see something I would unlikely to stumble upon on my own.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by

      madness, starving hysterical naked,

dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn

      looking for an angry fix,

angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly

      connection to the starry dynamo in the machin-

      ery of night,

who poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat

      up smoking in the supernatural darkness of

      cold-water flats floating across the tops of cities

      contemplating jazz...

     --"HOWL" by Alan Ginsberg

Wisdom, a Bhutan inpired poem by Misha Lyuve

Jan 8, 2011


Of many men of many days
Just two are subject of this song,
They live their lives in different way,
But let’s not judge who’s right, who’s wrong.
            The first one had most stubborn eyes,
           If there’s a mount he came across,
           He had to reach up to its highs
           Regardless rain or fog or frost. 
                      And if a sparkle of a fear
                      Hid in a corner of his heart
                      He fought for it to disappear
                      For he and fear lived apart.
 The second man had gentle hands,
He’d stare for hours at a rose
And sing her love and magic chants
That at a moonlight he’d compose.
           And at the ocean’s yellow sands
           When sun would open sleepy eyes
           He’d greet it with a morning dance
           And watch its beauty slowly rise. 
                      If chance brought these two to one place,
                      They wouldn’t catch each other’s sight;
                      One would stroll up with rapid pace,
                      While other’s dreaming in sunlight. 
This not-so-accidental miss
Is not a problem whatsoever.
This story has a subtle twist
These two are one man however. 
           When first one tests the strength of will
           The second’s heart is pierced by sword;
           When latter sits at river still
           The first one is so deadly bored.
                      What’s wisdom? It’s an art of knowing
                      Which rose to love, which mount to climb,
                      Each inner world, expressed and growing,
                      To have its peace, its place, its time.