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Why Your Dream Matters by Misha Lyuve

Jan 17, 2012

Do you have a dream?

We’ve got used to someone else taking care of our stuff. We hope that our doctors will heal our sicknesses, our government will make our society work, our families will support our choices and our teachers will educate our children. And we might be just lucky enough for this all to happen…

But who do you expect to follow your dreams?

I’ve always wondered about my “selfish” dreams – the things that I want to have, accomplishments that I strive to make happen, joys of life that I am eager to receive – do they count? But now I am clear, if you lack enthusiasm or courage, time or money, friends or skills to follow your “selfish” dream – is there even a chance for bigger ones?

Following a dream awakens our spirit, sparkles us with exhilaration of being alive like nothing else, has us be unreasonable and gives a meaning to our actions (even if temporary)… And if you care for education of your children – the best lesson is parents following their dreams.

The party you support might lose next elections and then will win them back, doctors might change their mind about what’s good for you, your kids will get their A’s and C’s, some new members of your family will arrive and others will go – and within this wild dance of life, there are YOU and YOUR dream.

Follow it.

Can you imagine how alive and bubbly our planet would be if people just minded their own dreams? – That’s my dream. And what is yours?

The dream by Marc Chagal, 1939