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A microcosm by Misha Lyuve
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Jun 6, 2012


I love NYC subway because it represents a microcosm of humanity – all you need to do is pay attention.

Where else can you feel one with the people as much as in a crowded subway car where you find yourself in a tight embrace with your fellow humans? Your proximity to flesh of those you don’t know might beat that of what you maintain with your best friends and maybe even your lovers.

This is the place where we give up our standards of private space, are pushed and stepped on, but remain more tolerant than in other life situations; like with the lady that fits only in two seats or a little guy who jumps on your back to squeeze right between you and the closing doors just as you thought that you were the only one who could fit there.

Don’t you ever wonder who these people are? Where are they rushing? What fuels them? Who loves them? How come, so different, they ended up in this tight space? Is that a coincidence or fate?

It is so easy not to care. It is so trivial not to notice them or pretend not to notice them. It is so predictable to stay on the train checked out and stuck with sporadic thoughts in one’s head. But if we pay attention… If we try to get through and see these people behind their fashionable sunglasses, loud headphones, busy makeup, eyes glued to their reading material – I am telling you people, this is it; this is us; this is the world; this is humanity. 

I feel that those who drive to work might be missing out; though I am sure they can find their own treasures on the way.

Commute offers spectacular opportunities for extraordinary living. What do you say?