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Of Grave Dangers of Inspiration by Misha Lyuve

Feb 5, 2012

In this short essay I would like to warn you of dangers of Inspiration.

After suffering for over a week without Inspiration over writing my next blog posting, I decided to go cold turkey and pursue my writing without it. I apologize that this might sound more as a warning on a medicine bottle than romantic writing you might’ve expected.

I will start with a confession: the past year I rode the journey of writing ART BEAUTY LIFE blog on ups and downs of Inspiration. If you experienced Inspiration before, you are likely to be familiar with its short term effects that result in mood enhancement, increased productivity and feeling as if you have “wings”.

The typical trouble situation comes when Inspiration doesn’t arrive or, even worse, leaves you hanging in the middle of the process. It’s like getting dumped dry and naked on a highway. It is very common in this situation to experience withdrawal symptoms similar to the ones described by individuals addicted to certain external substances.

Intense withdrawal reaction from Inspiration can push reasonable and sane people to take some questionable steps. If they don’t find Inspiration in decent socially accepted places, like museums, symphony halls, sunsets and mountain views, in despair they can turn their search to mundane aspects of daily life, for instance examining patterns on sewer lids (see Where is your Picasso??) or of cigarette butts in ashtrays.

I am sure it is apparent now how the co-dependency on Inspiration can take Inspirationoholics into the downfall spiral of self-distruction and disapointments.

Below are three tested tips that will help deal with Inspiration

– If you feel the very first symptoms of Inspiration, engage your will power to distract yourself and stay away from any productive activities till Inspiration passes

– If Inspiration has effected an area of your life, do your best to contain it by not spreading it to others

– If Inspiration took over your life, please stay away from people, especially the ones you like – it might be contagious

2011 on One’s Toes & Bestest of the Year by Misha Lyuve

Dec 24, 2011

What kept you on your toes this year? What kicked your behind to have you be open to life, notice its intricacies and just go for it?

One of my butt kickers will be celebrating its first birthday in a week. Oh ART BEAUTY LIFE blog, you impregnated me with ideas and schemes; you took hours from my sleep and wrinkeled my forehead while I was finding words to express you; you threw me off my soft pillows and had me push myself to open my senses till I saw anew. Thank you!

If you don’t have a butt kicker in your life – you just gotta find it! In fact, though now it’s a great time to reflect on 2011, there is still a whole week left in this year to plant seeds to grow in 2012.

And now 2011 bestest of ART BEAUTY LIFE blog.

Bury me on Facebook: Includes important modern-day tips on self-sorry – not to miss!

Nakedness: Lucian Freud at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: You have till the end of the year to indulge yourself. Warning: some would argue that it is not “indulge” but “repulse” – go and see for yourself.

What I Have Learned from Peahens: Also find out about the true nature of peacocks; you will be shocked.

Living Your Life As a Work of Art: Let’s put your life in a frame, under the glass and let critics in.  Just kiddin’.

Unthinkable – Rethinkable: Contemplations on massive changes of mind over time.

Symbiosis for Survival: When art is elevating our consciousness and actually makes a point.

Remember? For New Yorkers.

If I missed your favorite, please add them in the comments! Thank you for being on the journey.

Living Your Life As a Work of Art by Misha Lyuve

Sep 26, 2011
This will start a series that explores living a life as a work of art, one of the fundamental inquiries of ART BEAUTY LIFE blog. Your thoughts and experiences in relation to this inquiry would definitely enrich my journey and probably yours – please share them by commenting to the post.


A work of art is something admired and looked for; it is special and unique; it requires a skill and inspiration; it exists inside of creation and appreciation. What if we were to apply this high standard to living our lives?

When people think of their dream lives, they imagine a set of perfect circumstances, things that they want to have and how great they will then feel about all of it. This is no life, it is just a fantasy. Real life, on the other hand, guarantees a mix of auspicious and unfavorable circumstances, good luck and events not going according to a plan, as well as won and lost opportunities.

So instead of chasing a “dream life” of the future, why not live the life that is a work of art now?

And whether you are (and I am) taking out garbage or putting kids to sleep, driving to work or star gazing, writing an email to the boss or making love, doing laundry or sky-diving, meditating or grieving a loss, chewing food or walking the dog, arguing on a political topic or picking hair out of the bathtub, opening a door or waiting in line – how to live your life as a work of art – both as a challenge and an opportunity, is right in front of us.

What would make your life a work of art? What qualities does this life have? What kind of a person you gotta be to to live the life that’s a work of art?

Why we don’t get tired of sunsets by Misha Lyuve

Jun 20, 2011


The shades of pink and orange, purple and blue, white and yellow – with patterns of torn clouds or some sky imperfections – over the surface of water, or above the mountains, or in between skyscrapers of a city: sunsets are like an infinite number of tunes created by a finite number of notes.

And with the music of sunsets come thoughts about miracle of nature and creation, questions of mortality and time, and sentimental feelings about unsaid or incomplete business… And as the sun is disappearing behind big objects or underneath the mythical line of horizon, there is a sparkle of hope, because tomorrow the sun will come up again giving us another chance, and there is a subtle sense that maybe something got clearer about these thoughts, questions and feelings or even that they will get resolved one day.

But in reality, the sun has hardly moved: it was the Earth moving (they should’ve called those Earth-turns really). And in reality, nothing changed inside us or, at most, we were left with another small insight.

Nevertheless, let us always be grateful for all reprieves from mundane, opportunities for retrospection and gifts of beauty.

What if there were no spring? by Misha Lyuve

Apr 24, 2011

Tilips, spring

What if there were no spring? If the earth forgot to awaken this year? If trees decided not to bloom? If flowers didn’t feel like opening up? If birds changed their mind about chirping?

If humans weren’t overwhelmed with exhilaration, excitement and anxiety for the newness of life? For its change? For falling in love or falling out of it? For being inwardly ripe with inspiration and pregnant with ideas that are just impossible to hold inside? 

Strolling though Central Park and its Conservatory Garden, I was simply blown away by the abundance, variety and ease with which nature produces its creations. And I am thinking why wouldn’t we all ride on the waves of this magnificent creativity? Why would not we take advantage of this influx of life by taking out our dry paints or opening unfinished notebooks or brushing dust off abandoned musical instruments or just starting some crazy new project that will entice our existence and those around us with art, beauty and life?

 And by the way, this is a call into action!

Blooming Magnolia in Central Park

The world is full of color, music and rhyme
And not to feel them, I say, is a crime
And if you’re tired or bored or can’t see
Just talk to me, just talk to me, just talk to me!

I owe you an explanation by Misha Lyuve

Mar 31, 2011

“a life unexamined is not worth living” — Socrates

I like when things move fast. So when on December 29th I was walking through Central Park and had an idea to start ART BEAUTY LIFE blog, next day I published my first posting. I took 200 emails of my friends and acquaintances and made them my audience. And now, three months into writing the blog, I can finally explain what is behind it and extend you an invitation on a journey.

Let’s start with three thoughts:

My life is great, with a harmonious marriage and a loving family, a successful career in one of ”best to work for” companies and excitement of living in New York city, travels, hobbies…  

It doesn’t matter what a brilliant gift I’m given – in time I will turn it into something mundane, unexciting and unattractive. (By the way, are you any different?)

A small consistent effort on my part to be present in my daily activities goes long way in keeping depth, freshness and excitement of my experience.

Listen, I’m no expert in anything and there are plenty experts out there already. ART BEAUTY LIFE blog is a means to stay conscious about life and its surroundings, make art more accessible and relevant to life, and allow art and beauty into every moment. 

And this is the journey that I’m on.

And I am inviting you to join me.

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