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When art gets personal by Misha Lyuve

May 19, 2011

There is nothing as effective in taking a career of an already successful artist to the next level as a sudden death or a suicide. One’s label can get selected for design of a royal wedding dress or get an exhibition in Metropolitan Museum of Art or even draw enough attention of a fool like me to buy their suit.

Yes, I own an Alexander McQueen’s suit.

We know art as something behind protective screens, shielded from daylight and flashlights of cameras or thoroughly wrapped from the touch of dirty fingers of movers.

But just because something can be worn every day, has to be adjusted to fit my size, and carries stains of my morning coffee, does it have to lose qualification of art? In fact, one thing is to have an experience in a museum or even see a painting hanging on the wall at home, but another to put an object on, having it envelope your body and touch your skin.

Is it the reason that I inadvertently avoid wearing my very artfully crafted suit, so that I don’t feel the weight of the dead body over my shoulders?

Has art got that personal with you?

The seduction power of Venus by Samantha Keen

Apr 27, 2011
This posting is written by Samantha Keen, a healer, meditaion instructor, writer and co-founder of Vital Switch. Born in Malawi, Africa and raised in Australia, Samantha now lives in NYC. 
venus de milo the louvre

Venus de Milo, the Louvre

The statue of Venus took my breath away when I first saw her in the Louvre 20 years ago. I still vividly remember how I felt. I was touched by her beauty and the fact that she still seemed to be alive after 2000 years. I marvelled that I could be moved by a marble statue that Alexandros of Antioch was said to have created somewhere between 130 and 100 BCE, around 2000 years earlier.

There was part of me that resonated deeply with the archetypal values of Venus although I had not really had a chance to experience it in my life so far. The archetype of Venus is the Lover – representing passion and selfless devotion to another person. It also extends to the things that make our hearts sing, including art, nature and music. I now realize, almost exactly 20 years after first seeing Venus de Milo, that these feminine values are extremely important to me. I was largely unconscious of this at the tender age of 19, yet that statue breathed her divine essence into my heart and helped me to feel those qualities anyway.

She reflected the sweetness I felt in my heart that was there when I looked at the first evening star in those vulnerable teenage years, wishing to find love with someone wonderful (someone I had not yet met). And while swimming naked in the waves of the Indian Ocean in Western Australia when the sun set over the sea; it was like swimming in liquid gold. And in all those warm Sunday afternoons listening to my Dad’s wonderful records while my sister and friends played in the garden, I also experienced that joyful part of myself which had responded to the beauty of Venus’ curves.

venus planet

It begs the question then: When you are touched by art, nature or music, what part of you is it that is touched? Take a moment to feel inside yourself and deepen the experience of appreciation of whatever it is that has moved you. You might find the experience enriches you even more when you ask yourself this question.