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Who Are You Transitioning Into? by Misha Lyuve

Oct 31, 2011

Our lives are in transition. Always. If nothing else, we are transitioning into getting a day older. We also transition constantly within relationships with our people, responsibilities of our jobs, our points of views, our tastes and wants. Our “I”, that for some perplexing reason, seems so impermeably set – is just a transitional state. For that reason, more interesting than your “I” in the moment, is always where you are heading and who you are transitioning into.

This Saturday in the Catskills started as a regular end-of-October fall day – with crisp in the air, more browns then greens and reds then previous weeks in the forests and grays in the skies. Suddenly, hard droplets of snow started jumping off the window shield as I moved on the road and in the next few hours I ended up fully immersed in a winter landscape: the road, trees and houses were covered in white, what it seemed like forever.

Some transitions are just like that. It was fall before noon and winter after. One moment your head is blank, next it’s blooming with an idea. One moment your heart void empty, next it sings in love. One moment your mind is running 100 miles an hour, next one it is still. Or the other way around.

One moment you’re healthy, next you’re sick. One moment you’re a son, next you’re an orphan. One moment you’re alive, next you’re dead. Or the other way around.

And there I was, still not letting go of the summer on a chilly fall day that abruptly took me into the winter. There might be no bigger joke than how human minds work.

Who are you transitioning into? What transition are you resisting?

Graceful Transitions: Steve Jobs and Autumn in Catskills by Misha Lyuve

Oct 17, 2011

A wise man knows when to play hard and when to step down. I say – good for you, Steve Jobs, even in death you kept to a high design standard.

For a tree this wisdom is innate. You can witness it in every transition of seasons, but most profoundly in the fall, because it much resembles preparation for dying. Trees don’t get sad, on the contrary, they enter one of their most productive and festive periods. This is the season when apples are in abundance. This is the time when every leaf has an opportunity to dress up into the autumn glam before her last journey. This is also the time when the foliage gives itself fully to essential processes that will allow the next generation to arrive in the spring.

I don’t own an iPhone, iPad nor Mac. But I watched Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stamford. I do not have as much vision and talent as this man; you might or likely might not – but this is not a competition. In his speech he spoke of not living someone else’s life and having the courage to follow one’s heart and intuition. That is available to each and everyone.

Every year in October I venture to Catskill mountains for a breath of the astounding aroma of the fall. Before each my hike there is always a thought to just stay in, not take a gamble with the weather and autumn mud. This time around it was no different. But guess what waited for me on the top of the mountain? – a rainbow, as big as I’ve ever seen. One thing was clear: if I skipped the hike I would’ve missed the rainbow and wouldn’t have even known that I missed it. Most of life consists of such small choices and actions.

And as for Steve Job – don’t grieve the end of life you admire, better get busy doing something about your life if it doesn’t inspire you


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What if there were no spring? by Misha Lyuve

Apr 24, 2011

Tilips, spring

What if there were no spring? If the earth forgot to awaken this year? If trees decided not to bloom? If flowers didn’t feel like opening up? If birds changed their mind about chirping?

If humans weren’t overwhelmed with exhilaration, excitement and anxiety for the newness of life? For its change? For falling in love or falling out of it? For being inwardly ripe with inspiration and pregnant with ideas that are just impossible to hold inside? 

Strolling though Central Park and its Conservatory Garden, I was simply blown away by the abundance, variety and ease with which nature produces its creations. And I am thinking why wouldn’t we all ride on the waves of this magnificent creativity? Why would not we take advantage of this influx of life by taking out our dry paints or opening unfinished notebooks or brushing dust off abandoned musical instruments or just starting some crazy new project that will entice our existence and those around us with art, beauty and life?

 And by the way, this is a call into action!

Blooming Magnolia in Central Park

The world is full of color, music and rhyme
And not to feel them, I say, is a crime
And if you’re tired or bored or can’t see
Just talk to me, just talk to me, just talk to me!