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The blog

My name is Misha Lyuve. I am a Wall Street management consultant and an artist. I started this blog as an expression and belief that one can live life artfully while working on Wall Street or having a corporate job. The key is to be empowered and inspired. What is artfully will very much depend on you and defining artfully might the very first step for you to take.

I write about how to make one’s life more fulfilling and meaningful. I share my personal experiences and inquiries. My goal is that this blog ignites your passions, opens up streams of your creativity, has you re-examine your life and take an action. I will support you in making your corporate career into a pathway to a full and rich life that makes a difference.

Stay connected with me through my weekly email updates, Facebook and Twitter. Most importantly – talk to me – this is the only way for me to know whether I am doing my Job.

The $1,000,000 game

I just released my first album ARE WE READY, 11 songs written and performed by me. It was quite an adventure given that I’ve never done anything of this kind before and have a full-time job in a “Big Four” serving several demanding Wall Street clients.

I am donating all profits from my album sales to Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), an organization with an unbeatable mission and integrity that transforms lives of orphans all over the world. My goal is to raise $1,000,000 for them through my album sales and donations; and I am well on the way.

Some facts about Misha Lyuve

> Born and grew up in Ukraine

> Has degree in Mathematics and Computer Science

> Is in the process of writing  a book

> Could turn this all into a rhyming poem if he wanted to

> Lived in four countries and speaks four language

> Married to another person named Misha

> Lives on Upper West Side, NYC

> Last big travel included Thailand, Cambodia and Israel

> Strives to meditate daily